The City

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In conjunction with Two Rivers Church we've written a couple of open-source apps ("plugins") for The City. 

Groupie Text

Groupie text allows managers and leaders of groups to text everyone in the group with a mobile phone number. Users without mobile numbers will get an email instead. If you are interested in getting this set up at your church, get in contact with us!

You can find the source code at if you want to set it up yourself.

Read more about Groupie Text here.

Event Registration

Event Registration allows churches to set up custom paid and free events, with different options. Your City users can:

  • Register themselves, family and friends
  • Choose their own options
  • Leave comments for custom options, as needed
  • Pay online
  • Receive an email receipt

This is another open source app but we haven't yet publicly release the source, if you would like to see a copy email Jonathan or Tweet at him (@jmaddington).

Custom City Applications

We are available to write custom City applications for you. We have extensive experience writing with and for The City and would love to help you further your ministry. Get in touch with us today!