Managed services and technology can impact a business and allow for incredible growth

At JM Addington we’re all about making existing businesses better at what they do.

Our mission statement is:

We exist to help other organizations accomplish their mission more effectively by building relationships and providing excellent service, support and strategic thinking, primarily around technology.

So, that’s easy to say, but what does it mean? A customer projecting 700% – 1000% growth for this fiscal year gives us a great example.

A customer — we’ll call them Acme Inc. — called us last fall inquiring about purchasing several new pieces of equipment to use in their existing business. There was a catch: cash flow was tight, making the purchase difficult even in the fast of tremendous growth. We listened to them and gave them some simple advice: you can use your existing line of credit with your bank to make the purchase and then turn around and re-finance it as a lease to free up the line of credit and get it off balance sheet.

Acme Inc. thought that this was a wonderful idea, so they partnered locally with JB&B Capital for the leasing side of it. The upgrade allowed them to implement a call-back functionality in their phone system is unique in their industry and business skyrocketed overnight. When we sat down for a business meeting recently they told us that they were expecting growth of 700% to 1000% this year, in large part due to the technological upgrades they made.

10x growth is what leveraging technology to further business goals looks like!

The secret sauce here is easy: our job was to listen and Acme Inc. understands that technology isn’t upgrade tech: it’s about connecting with people. In this case, making sure that their customers got fast call backs.

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