Politico’s Cybersecurity Newsletter from October 10th, 2018 references a report on hacking that has two golden nuggets in it.

Out of the five industries most affected — biotechnology, accounting, real estate, marketing and construction — biotechnology was the most exposed, the report said, while the majority of the attacks were attributed to outdated vulnerabilities.

  1. The industries affected aren’t what you think. This isn’t banking and finance, it’s marketing and construction! Hackers target the weak.
  2. Website updates would have prevented the attacks. That’s right. We know you keep your computer up to date by now, but who is watching your website?

A comprised website is often the foothold used to commit fraud, either against your company or in your name. Worse for some companies: the hackers will put up content such as pornography or terrorist propaganda to ruin your reputation.

Today’s takeaway? You need to have someone watching your website security.

Further reading: The referenced report.