:Hand holds Windows 10 logotype printed on paper. Windows 10 is an operating system developed by Microsoft

Microsoft is re-announcing that the last major update to Windows 10 is ready for mass use.

We wrote about this several months ago, and our advice remains the same: don’t do it. The original release of the update named 1809 deleted user data, corrupted Windows Media Player and had significant chipset compatibility issues. The 2019 spring update is almost ready for release, at JM Addington Technology Solutions and Kairos Digital Dynamics we recommend that you wait a month or two after the 2019 has been in the wild and skip to that update.

Of course, for our managed customers we take care of all of that for up, including avoiding the damaging updates.

We also want to stress that we remain incredibly bullish on Windows 10 as a whole: Microsoft is clearly developing and operating system that is cloud-ready from the get-go. This particular update was/is problematic but the platform as a whole is solid.