Apple doesn’t put their products on sale.

Not ever. It’s a point of pride.

However, Friday through Monday they’ll do the closet thing you’ll find them doing to a sale, and that’s giving you an Apple Store Gift Card worth up to $200. Their website is short on details but you can find what they’ve posted at

Now that we’ve gotten our obligatory “Black Friday sales aren’t for businesses,” post out of the way we’re happy to bring you a deal from Costco that is worth every penny.

From now into December Costco is selling the latest Micorosft Surface 7 with 8GB RAM and i5 processor with the keyboard and pen for $999. This typically retails for close to $1,500.

The caveat: You won’t get Microsoft’s extended warranty, which we highly recommend on these and it includes Windows 7 Home instead of Windows 7 Pro. This is great the power-user at home, your IT department is going to frown on it if you bring it to work with you.

It’s our annual write of passage to remind the other small businesses out there: Black Friday deals on business-grade electronics are few and far between, you always get what you pay for.

Honestly, nearly all the deals are to drive consumer foot traffic online and in the door. The computers/monitors/other electronics are almost never rated for use in businesses, and typically come with a “Gotcha,” or lowered specs, shorter, warranty, etc. Save yourself a headache and either forgo the sale for your business, or ask us if it’s really a “deal.”

However, if you are looking for a new phone for the teenager, a bigger TV for home or that running wtach you’ve been eyeing for months then Friday is a great time to buy!

We’ve previewed Dell’s Black Friday sale for 2019 and there are a handful of awesome options, but they’re almost all for home.

The four business deals that we like are:

These three are all out of their highest performance line for business and exceed our minimum specifications. Remember to add at least three 3 years of ProSupport! The rest of their business “deals” all fail to meet our minimum specs here at JM Addington.

On the home front, however, things look better. Their XPS Desktop line all have some holiday savings. These are usually aimed at gamers or creatives. Stay away from the Inspiron desktops on sale, this week, however. There is an entire slew of good looking laptops, the catch, as always with these, is that you can’t get the business class warranty and the hinges can end up over-worked on the laptops the fold into tablets.

If you aren’t sure if something is a steal for you or from you drop us a line, we’d be glad to answer! BUT, we’ll be off Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Every year massive fraud is committed around taxes. A lot of the fraud involves stealing your identity, filing a fake return on your behalf that shows a refund and then collecting that refund on your behalf.

This year Ars Technica is reporting that other phishing emails are on the rise right now.

  1. Remember that IRS uses snail mail, not email to get ahold of you
  2. Educate your employees on phishing, all the time
  3. You can protect your business from these types of scams using artificial intelligence phishing filters that are capable of catching these emails.

You can expect that these types of attacks will grow more common and more sophisticated as criminals continue to learn how to make more money off of… sending emails.

This week one of our employees had to call out because they had a sick kid at home. “Call out,” just meant, “join the conference call.”

From one end of our business to the other we have our tools and resources in reach — and secured — so that our employees can work from anywhere, from everywhere.

This winter, will snow and flu hold your workforce back?