Jon, is this going to be a problem?

A customer just wrote me to ask about the email Google sent out to admins everywhere warning them that they are about to turn off access to “Less Secure Apps,” Google-speak for anything that uses a regular username and password.

If your organization uses G Suite in some specific ways

Yes, this is going to be a problem.

  1. If you use Outlook 2013 or very specific versions of Outlook 2016 to access your Google Mail it is going to stop working with Google
  2. Virtually every copier/scanner/fax that sends to email using a Google address is going to stop working with Google
  3. Old applications that use a regular username and password to send out of Google are going to stop working with Google (typically these are line of business or custom applications)
  4. Your iPhones and Androids from the Precambrian eras will not work with Google anymore.

So, what do you do?

Talk to your IT company. If you have had applications custom developed for you that send out using Google talk to the developer and have them switch you over to an API based email-application (they will know what those words are. If they don’t fire them and call us.)

If you are lucky enough to have a managed IT services provider ask them at your regular business meeting how they plan to handle this for you.

And, as always, you can call us and ask if/how/when it is going to affect you.