You need to buy CyberSecurity insurance and you need to buy it today. And no, I’m don’t even sell it, this is just a PSA.

First, small businesses are targets for hackers today. 20% of SMBs reported that they’ve been a victim of a ransomware attack (Datto, 2019) and 60% of all cyber attacks are aimed at SMBs.

You should let that last sentence sink in for a minute, you are being targeted.

Second, rates for CyberSecurity coverage have historically been low, pennies of pennies on the dollar. Managed services providers, like JM Addington, are already seeing rates rise across the nation to purchase this type of coverage, with deductibles increasing as well. Today, you can still lock-in affordable rates. For next year it is an open question.

In addition the better your security the lower your rates are and the less likely you are to have to use the insurance in the first. I’d love to talk to you today about three easy things you can do to increase the security of your business, call me at 865-544-8045 (direct) or email