Otis Frank Boykin invented the wire precision resistor. He had his college education at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, while working as a laboratory assistant at an aerospace laboratory in Nashville. After he graduated from Fisk University, he took up the role of a lab assistant at P. J Nilsen Research. He later started his company, where he worked on various inventions.

The name of his company was Boykin-Fruth, Inc., and he received his first patent in 1959 for developing the wire precision resistor. Two years later, Otis Frank Boykin earned another patent for an enhanced version of his resistor. His innovation caused a major turn in the electronic industry because it made electronic devices more durable while significantly reducing the cost of production.

Boykin’s invention was used to improve the transistor radio. It found application in making televisions, IBM computers, and guided missiles. A notable impact of his work is in the creation of the control unit for the heart pacemaker. He went on to create the electrical capacitor and the electrical resistance capacitor in 1965 and 1967, respectively.

Many more consumer products came into existence because of Boykin, including the chemical air filter and the burglar-proof cash register. In his lifetime, Otis Frank Boykin received twenty-six patents for the electronic devices he invented.

Otis Boykin JM Addington

Otis Frank Boykin Legacy

Otis Frank Boykin’s dedication to innovation was not only focused on his own inventions. He also promotes STEM education in his community. He even has outreach programs that inspire and educates the future generation of STEM. Boykin also mentored several young African American students, providing them with opportunities to gain experience and knowledge in the field of engineering. His legacy continues to inspire future generations of scientists and inventors, reminding them that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance, and dedication.

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