New Customer Portal

JM Addington’s new customer portal allows you to have a 360′ view of your account in one place.

  • View all open work tickets
  • Get new help
  • Respond to tickets
  • View and manage invoices
  • Make and schedule payments

Click here if you already have an account setup.

To gain access to the customer portal, please email or call 865-240-2716.

Automatic Payments

The customer portal also allows you to set up automatic payments for your invoices. When you do this, you will receive a 1% discount on all invoices paid using autopay.

Setting up the Customer Portal

The video below goes over how to setup your customer portal account. If you need assistance with any of these steps we’d be glad to help.

Viewing & Managing Service Tickets

Setting up Automatic Payments

The video below covers how to set up automatic payments inside the customer portal. However, we would also be glad to get this set up for you. Please feel free to call or email us at or 865-240-2716.