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Quora Hacked

Popular Q&A website Quora has announced a breach today. ArsTechnica on the breach.

Project Fi to iPhones

Google is rolling out Project Fi to “most phones”.  If you have reliable WiFi at home and at work you may be able to save a ton of money on your phone bill.  Read more.

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Windows Update 1809: Just Don’t

At JM Addington Technology Solutions & Kairos Digital Dynamics we’re usually a tad bullish on Windows Updates: they’re put out for good reason(s). However, Microsoft’s latest “Feature Update” (read: a big one, the Fall Creators Update or 1809) has been plagued with issues: It deleted data in some cases Windows Media Player, and a number of […]

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Chinese Money and You

The South China Morning Post, one of the continent’s premiere English newspapers, has an article out this week via Bloomberg on the Yuan’s (CNY) value against the US Dollar (USD) over the next 12 – 15 months. Why should you care?


Facebook Hacked

Bloomberg reports that Facebook has been hacked, again. Insttake: This won’t seriously affect the breached users. However, it continues to show that Facebook has been more focused on growth than security over the last several years. They will harvest that for years to come.