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Firewall Bug Could Hit East TN Hard

One of the world’s biggest security vendors had hidden backdoors in their products that would allow virtually anyone to take over the firewall. Your firewall is the security appliance that is supposed to separate your internal, secure, network from the outside world. This bug/backdoor essentially lets anybody into your network that would like to be […]

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Video Game Bugs & Your Business

One of the world’s biggest video game companies has had two incredibly major bugs this month and it can kill your organization’s security if you don’t have the right policies in place. Most organizations we bring on initially have a fuzzy line around what’s “work” equipment and what’s “personal,” and what can be used for […]


Pt 2: Align the Business

In my last blog post I wrote about a company that lacked internal alignment between their marketing and sales departments. In this blog post we’ll look at what actionable steps might entail for this real-life company. Step 1: Have a Company Goal The company ought to have a time-bound specific, measurable goal that guides the […]


(No) Business Alignment: A Real Life Story

Business alignment is one of those things that speakers and leaders often talk about in platitudes but don’t give anything actionable. This is a short blog with a story of non-alignment that also gives some actionable steps at the end. I have an open-door policy with prospective vendors: if you want to sell me something […]

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The Ticking Bomb Email

One of the newest ways to get past email defenses is getting the least amount of attention: the changing link. Here’s how it works: The Bad Guy emails one of your employees an email “from” your CEO/President whatever with a link that looks something like https://www.dropbox.com/ImportantShare but it goes to http://bit.ly/325JnYX (feel free to click […]

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A Peak Into Ransomeware Retirement

Earlier this week ZDNet profiled an incredible exit strategy of one of the largest Ransomware operators of the last 12 months, GandCrab. Setting aside irony, the professionalism of the operation should catch the attention of any business owner. The operators have a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model, complete with online forum support for […]

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Baltimore Crippled by Ransomware

Baltimore has been crippled by ransomware. Over 70% of attacks now actually target small and mid-size businesses. There are 3 simple things you can do to avoid catastrophe.

1) Assume it will happen to you, 2) plan on it happening to you, 3) test your plan.

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Goodbye Windows 7, Hello Ransomware

For the last several years ransomware has been on the rise. 2018 was a huge year for ransomware, more than doubling. It also was the first year we saw small and medium businesses actively being targeted. In the past, large enterprises and municipalities were the most likely to be targeted: big targets, big rewards. However, […]