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Another IT Provider Hacked

We just finished writing about an IT provider of managed services in Colorado who was hacked, and in turn all or most of their customers were hacked as well. Well, it’s another day and this time the story comes from California. Synoptek, a California business that provides cloud hosting and IT management services to more […]

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IT Provider & Its Customers Hacked

Krebs on Security writes about a hacking incident in Colorado late in 2019: A Colorado company that specializes in providing IT services to dental offices suffered a ransomware attack that is disrupting operations for more than 100 dentistry practices, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. We’ve started talking about this in verbal conversations with prospects: today your biggest […]

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How are you at Risk?

It’s time to make public a conversation that has been brewing inside the IT and managed services industry for most of the last year but has largely not broken out of those circles. Your managed service provider is now a target for hackers because if they can get to them, they can get to you. […]


Securing Data on Insecure Networks

5G is inherently insecure according to a new article by longtime cybersecurity industry expert Bruce Schneier. Schneier is one of the stars of the security field, a longtime activist with nearly a crystal ball for understanding how technology is going to unfold. An important topic for him right now is the security of the cell […]

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Phishing Apple Users

Hackers are beginning to target Apple iPhone users by sending them text messages that appear to be from Apple. The text message have messages indicating that a lost device has been found and use URLs that have Apple product names in them such as: apple.com-support[.]id, apple.com-findlocation[.]id, apple.com-sign[.]in, apple.com-isupport[.]in, icloud.com-site-log[.]in There is a widespread belief that […]


ToTok: Middle East Spyware

ToTok, a social media app that recently took off in international popularity, is the United Arab Emirates actually spying on your according to a new article from the New York Times. Officially it’s supposed to be a secure way to communicate with family and friends, even in countries that block similar tools. However, is actually […]

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Report: Iran Targeting Industrial Control Systems

Iran is targeting industrial control systems, according to Microsoft security researchers and reported by Ars Technica. The scale of the attempted hacking is incredible, with the Iranian group targeting about 2000 organizations per month. Motivations behind the attacks are not yet clear. While the US government was concerned that Iran may retaliate in the cybersecurity […]


Why Buy CyberSecurity Insurance TODAY

You need to buy CyberSecurity insurance and you need to buy it today. And no, I’m don’t even sell it, this is just a PSA. First, small businesses are targets for hackers today. 20% of SMBs reported that they’ve been a victim of a ransomware attack (Datto, 2019) and 60% of all cyber attacks are […]

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What is Bitlocker Encryption?

Bitlocker hard drive encryption is the encryption software that Microsoft builds into every version of Windows 10 Professional. It physically encrypts the data on your computer’s hard drive so that even if your device is lost or stolen no one else can retrieve information off of it. This is important to your business because most […]


Travelex Breach

Ars Technica and the BBC are reporting that the travel insurance and currency exchange company Travelex has been breached. Hackers have allegedly been inside the company’s network for 6 months and stolen customer information including: Credit card info Date of birth Insurance numbers These incidents are shockingly common yet only the big companies make the […]