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It’s Not Complicated

It was 2:45 PM, I had just walked into the office after being out at appointments all day. The team I was working with at the time had a major issue: a customer’s main software was down and their server was doing funky stuff. One engineer had in-depth diagnostics pulled up that showed that, well, […]


Price Increases for .org Domains

Quick take: Prices for domains ending in .org will be going up over the next several years. If you have such a domain we recommend that you purchase as many years on it now as you can. The full version: There are multiple companies globally that administers the domain name system we use to connect […]

Aggressive Actions = Results

Over the weekend our street lost power, two trees downed by a storm on power lines. The power company had us all working again two hours later and the county was out the next morning to clean up the trees in the road. They left the trees out of the way but on the roadside […]


I Was Scammed

My wife sent me the link late Saturday night. I was exhausted from driving non-stop through fog and rain for 13 hours and then hitting the gym for a run to loosen up. The product was perfect, all the parts for a swing set my kids would love. It was almost too good to be […]


Holiday Deal: Apple

Apple doesn’t put their products on sale. Not ever. It’s a point of pride. However, Friday through Monday they’ll do the closet thing you’ll find them doing to a sale, and that’s giving you an Apple Store Gift Card worth up to $200. Their website is short on details but you can find what they’ve […]


Holiday Deal: Microsoft Surface Pro 7 @ Costco

Now that we’ve gotten our obligatory “Black Friday sales aren’t for businesses,” post out of the way we’re happy to bring you a deal from Costco that is worth every penny. From now into December Costco is selling the latest Micorosft Surface 7 with 8GB RAM and i5 processor with the keyboard and pen for […]


Black Friday Bring Black Deals

It’s our annual write of passage to remind the other small businesses out there: Black Friday deals on business-grade electronics are few and far between, you always get what you pay for. Honestly, nearly all the deals are to drive consumer foot traffic online and in the door. The computers/monitors/other electronics are almost never rated […]

Dell’s Black Friday Broken Down

We’ve previewed Dell’s Black Friday sale for 2019 and there are a handful of awesome options, but they’re almost all for home. The four business deals that we like are: Precision 3431 Small Form Factor Workstation Precision 3431 Fixed Workstation Precision 3630 Tower Workstation Latitude 5490 Laptop (best of the bunch!) These three are all […]

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IRS Phishing Emails for Christmas

Every year massive fraud is committed around taxes. A lot of the fraud involves stealing your identity, filing a fake return on your behalf that shows a refund and then collecting that refund on your behalf. This year Ars Technica is reporting that other phishing emails are on the rise right now. Remember that IRS […]

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Through Sickness & Through Snow

This week one of our employees had to call out because they had a sick kid at home. “Call out,” just meant, “join the conference call.” From one end of our business to the other we have our tools and resources in reach — and secured — so that our employees can work from anywhere, […]