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WAN Monitoring for Free

Let me be clear, you shouldn’t do this. A private mailing list I’m on for other MSP owners posed the question, how can you monitor internet connections for cheap/free? If you run Linux and have sendmail configured properly (most VPS’ have this done for you out of the box) you can monitor the connection in […]


How to Apply Successfully

So, you want to work here. Great! Maybe you were referred by an employee here or saw a posting on Indeed.com. This blog post is a blueprint on how you can apply successfully. Have a Short & Tailored Resume We receive a ton of resumes for each position we post. Nearly all of them look […]


Perspective Changes Everything

Yesterday I got to taste some of the cleanest, freshest, coldest water I will have in my entire life. I didn’t realize that at first. I was about seven miles into a hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and I was out of water. I had passed some dead and stagnant pools of […]


How to Win Me a Tesla

How would you like it if I recommended products to you based on the prizes and SPIFFs I would get in return? I hope you’d be pissed. Yet, exactly that is rife inside the IT industry. Just last week I got an email from a vendor that would enter me into a contest to win […]

Walk Through the Aid Stations

It’s easy to forget to take time off during the day to physically refresh your eyes, your back, your hands and to mentally refresh. Sometimes you can feel lazy for taking a 5-minute break or, God forbid, you’ve become enough of a workaholic that not working through lunch feels like an outright sloth. Stop it. […]



As a leader to anyone the only thing you earn solving a problem is the privilege to solve a bigger problem. Big problems mean you’ve had big earnings.



The highest performance athletes all have a common thread in their workout structure. Over the course of a week, they have at least one “easy” workout day and one recovery day — typically no workout. Why? To perform at the top of the game you have to give your body time to heal itself and […]


staying focused

in many (most? all?) areas of life there are two areas that you will be judged on: results: how well did you do, especially compared against a reasonable goal or standard. how you treat people: were you kind? did you go the extra mile when it mattered to a person? how early you rose, how […]


Beyond Success

Beyond success lies the place where you are the most you that you can be. Spend time each day thinking about who that person is, what they are like, what they do, how they do it, why they do it. Focus on that person and success will be a milestone on your way to your […]