AMD’s latest chips are officially faster than Intel’s — at least on the desktop. Read more at ArsTechnica.

ArsTechnica: Louisiana declares state of emergency in response to ransomware attack

South Korea Flag

That gives them about 7 months. Other countries have attempted this in the past, we’re not aware of anywhere where it stuck.

A former Expedia/ employee describes a Gmail feature that could be costing the sites over $150m/year.

Even Knoxville MSPs need to know about cellular service in today's age

Google is rolling out Project Fi to “most phones”.  If you have reliable WiFi at home and at work you may be able to save a ton of money on your phone bill.  Read more.

Ars Technica shows off a Japanese cell phone that can fit in your wallet.

Bloomberg reports that Facebook has been hacked, again.

Insttake: This won’t seriously affect the breached users. However, it continues to show that Facebook has been more focused on growth than security over the last several years. They will harvest that for years to come.