The People You Serve Deserve the Best

Every non-profit we’ve worked with believes with all of their collective hearts that the people they exist to serve deserve the very best that the organization can collectively bring. Whether it is communities, single moms, middle schoolers or babies or someone else, your organization exists to bring its best so the people you serve can have their best.

Your Investments Reflect the Value You Bring

The leader of every NPO has to ask herself or himself with every investment, “is the value we bring as much as this investment takes?” If so, you need to keep investing so you can keep bringing that value to the people you are committed to.

As a start-up non-profit of 10 years ago to where we are today, our IT needs have dramatically changed over the years. Our needs have gone from simple to complex. Throughout our growth curves and changing environments JM Addington has patiently and consistently,[ and] has helped us implement new systems and protocols that were strategic, and with foresight for our future needs. They have always been quickly responsive, and no question or problem has been too small or too big for them to tackle for us. We would highly recommend JM Addington as your IT consultants and care providers.

Non-Profits are Unique: We Get That

Non-profits are unique in at least 3 key areas:

  1. The culture is typically very different from for-profit entities
  2. The cash cycle is often seasonal and sometimes volatile
  3. The quantitiy of systems is in place 10x higher than most other organizations

How We Help

We have a unique understanding of non-profit culture and operations from our own time in the trenches, as staff, as volunteers and as support. We bring a tailored underestanding and process to the table that addresses both the unique needs of non-profits as well as the needs ubiquitous to organizations elsewhere all in the context of your culture.

We are unique in our ability to address both technical and organization issues.

Next Steps

Schedule a meeting with our leadership to learn how your organization can deliver more value. You can contact us online, at, or 865-240-2716.

Who We Help

Just a few…

“All of this personal, effective and timely service he has provided at a cost to value factor that we can not say no to. Candidly, I do not know how our [organizations] would have been able to grow as well as we have without [them]!” – Arthur, Founder & President

Life International: A non-profit JM Addington has helped with IT needs

Boys and Girls Club Logo: Another non-profit JM Addington has helped with IT

Two Rivers Church logo: A Knoxville non-profit JM Addington has served through managed services

Thank You JM Addington Team! Two Rivers Church appreciates your consistent professionalism, knowledge and efficiency when working with our staff. – Jennifer, Two Rivers Church