Our Mission

We exist to help other organizations accomplish their mission more effectively by building relationships and providing excellent service, support and strategic thinking, primarily around technology.

Our Guiding Principles

We do what is right for the customer: every time.

We aren’t always going to be the best fit, when we aren’t we help the customer find the best organization to help them.
Different customers require different solutions even in identical situations. We know our customers and help them find the best solution for them.

We charge fair prices.

Fair prices aren’t solely based on what others in our field charge, it depends on the value provide a customer.
Not every project will be profitable, nor does it have to be. Guiding people to the best solution every time will naturally result in profitability over the course of a long term relationship. There are times when what is best for the customer right now (#1) isn’t going to profitable for us, and that is ok.

We are honest.

We are honest with each other, with our customers, with our partners and with our vendors.
We don’t oversell ourselves to prospects or customers.
We don’t over promise or over commit ourselves to partners or vendors. We don’t promise things we can’t deliver on.
We admit mistakes and fix mistakes instead of hiding them. No one and no one organization is perfect. What sets us apart is our drive to make things right when we screw up.

We get to know our customers, partners and vendors.

Each organization and person is different. We understand that what fits in one situation may not fit in another.
We understand that the only way to deliver high value to customers, vendors and partners is to have a long term relationship where we know each other well.

We respect everyone.

Each person and organization is different but there is no one that we don’t treat respectfully. Regardless of differences of opinion, skill, religion, values or politics we respect people.
When we take a stand on an issue, even controversial ones, we will always do so in a respectful manner.