You Are About Trust

Your clients come to you because they trust that you have their best interests at heart and their back at every turn. There are a million places they can goto but they turned to you. And you need partners that you trust at that same level.

It’s Changing Fast

The way you operate your firm has changed rapidly over the last few years. Your clients can get ahold of you everywhere, your main services and data live in the cloud instead of the server room. There are now twice as many vendors your firm partners with to deliver services. It seems like new advisors are able to open up their own shops with no experience overnight.

Security is Paramount

The one notice you never want to write is, “There has been a breach of our customer data…” For the first time, even small financial firms are being actively targeted by overseas organized crime. Your data lives in the cloud and most firms have no idea how to secure it, much less your employees. The two things you know are: (1) any breach will violate that customer trust, (2) any breach will be incredibly expensive.

How We Help

You believe experience matters and so do we: we have years of experience helping insurance and wealth management firms operate. We’ve worked with startups and long-established firms, with small firms and large firms.

Our philosophy is to operate on the same level of trust as you do with your clients. We have a methodology to secure your data wherever it is, to allow you to communicate with your clients without friction and to plan for your firm’s future so the investments you make today take you to where you want to be tomorrow.

Next Steps

Schedule a meeting with our leadership to learn how your firm can deliver more value with more security. You can contact us online, at, or 865-240-2716.

Who We’ve Helped

For confidentiality reasons we only list the demographics of firms we’ve helped

20+ year old bespoke brokerage firm of five

Startup of experienced partners looking to work with high value families for generations

Established Knoxville insurance firm of 20+

Startup wealth management firm of established advisors, looking to work with small business owners

B2B insurance benefits firm

3 person startup wealth advisory firm

“Working with [this team] was an important step in our company’s development. They were professional, attentive andresponsive to our needs. They bring value and get things done.

“If you are a provider of professional or financial services, consider reaching out to [JM] Addington to discuss your IT needs. [They] takes the time to gain insight into your business operations by asking the hard questions, and the feedback he provides will be honest and useful to your organization. JM Addington Solutions is a proven entity, and I heartily recommend them.”