We are all familiar with this time of year. Yep, the time when the glamour of setting New Year Resolutions is ever before us. This pressure doesn’t have to be scary or taunting, and we can actually join in on the fun without fear of failure… If we do it correctly. Here are 3 tips to setting tangible goals for your company, in the name of New Years Resolutions.

  1. Call it a goal, not a resolution.

Evidence proves that words are a predictor of success… or failure. The word resolution means only a decision. Goals, on the contrary, is a person’s ambition… an aim, or desired result. I know I’m not the only one that needs more motivation, than a decision, to stick to something.

2. Make your goals public.

Share them with your team. Have accountability. Get others involved so you’re not overwhelmed.

3. Be sure every goal ties back to your mission and your vision.

Last but not least this one is a twofer. If your goal doesn’t tie back to a higher level goal, mission or vision you should re-evaluate if it is the right goal. Second, people are far more likely to accomplish their goals when they understand the why behind them. Tying your goals to higher level end states ensure that you understand how this goal is helping you reach a further milestone in life or business.

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