Wealth Management
and Certified Financial Planners

Is This You?

When your computers aren’t working correctly you don’t make money and are unable to increase your clients’ wealth and mitigate their financial risks. You know you need better security for Microsoft 365 but your IT guy doesn’t know what to do next besides telling you to turn on two factor authentication.


We Help Wealth Planners & CFPs:

Secure their own computers and Microsoft 365 to regulatory standards (SEC, state, FINRA and/or your BD).

Eliminate downtime for anything within their control

Work with your BD to meet their cyber standards without killing productivity

Protect your digital assets against hackers and attackers

Get an incredible value for their IT spend

We’ll work with your executive team and together create a bespoke plan:

We meet with you at your office to learn about your goals and the biggest risks you face on your entrepreneurial journey

You get a plan tailored to meet your goals combined with our decades of technical expertise to ensure that it will be relevant for years to come

We execute on the plan so you can focus on your clients and your business

Repeat both Quarterly and Annually


You Cannot Afford Not to Use JM Addington Technology Solutions

Before we switched to JM Addington Technology Solutions we were guessing that our client information was secure, now we know it is protected to the max extent possible.

The follow up at JM Addington Technology Solutions is above and beyond what we experience with other vendors – Joe deserves special kudos!

If you care about the long-term viability of your business and the safety of your client personal, private information than you cannot afford to NOT use JM Addington Technology Solutions.


You can’t achieve financial success without a financial plan.

You can’t achieve technology (business) success without a technology plan.

Call us today for a free consultation to create your own technology plan.


You’ve Got This.

You have worked too hard to build up your business and gain the trust of your clients, it isn’t worth losing that trust over a data breach.

Create a plan with JM Addington Technology Solutions so you can grow your clients’ wealth, grow your business and achieve your own goals.


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