Are You Ready for a “Christmas Day Cloud Massacre”

If the answer is “No” — then here is a quick, easy and ACTIONABLE checklist so you can secure your company during the holidays.

The Hackers Know That IT Takes Christmas Off Too.

Hackers aren’t dumb, they know when to strike when everyone is on vacation, even the virtual security guards.

I GUARENTEE YOU that there are entire hacking groups who already have a literal holiday hit list lined up.


Use This Checklist

This checklist is specifically designed for small businesses so that you have a quick reference on hand and have done at least the minimal work to stay secure over the coming weeks. You deserve to have a peaceful holiday season with your family, NOT to deal with the gift of ransomware.

Previous Holiday Hacks

Here is a SMALL sampling of previous hacks over holidays:

  • July 4, 1500 companies ransomwared
  • Christmas, California business breached on December 25
  • Christmas, “Colossal” cyberattack against large news organization
  • Thanksgiving, municipal rail system held hostage
  • Christmas Eve, Scottish EPA hacked

Download the Free Checklist Now

Download the Checklist Now!


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