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We Are Your Security Experts

Advanced security is a complex and layered system. No one can do it alone. We design multi-layer complete security solutions for small to midsize businesses and then run those out.

We are who you call before you get hacked.

Please note that this plan is only available for clients who sign up for a Managed Services Plan.

Our clients adopt this plan when:

They realize that their security needs are quickly increasing.

They want the greatest peace of mind possible when they go to bed, knowing that their data is secure.

They already know that a Complete Cybersecurity package is the new normal if a company wants to survive in this dangerous environment.

We’ll work with your team and together tailor a plan:

Examine your workflows, your data paths, your greatest risks and security exposure.

Create a plan that addresses your unique security needs, risks and challenges.

Execute on that plan and monitor your data day in and day out.



“The team at JM Addington Technology Solutions provides our law firm’s IT services. They are there every step of the way as we grow.

JM Addington Technology Solutions is professional, competent and gives you superior customer service.
The peace of mind and support they provide to our growing firm is invaluable.

Every growing law firm should have them on retainer.”


Cybersecurity is the future for all businesses and organizations. More of your competitors and colleagues experience attacks than you realize because no one wants to stand up and say, “I got hacked.”

Every IT and cybersecurity expert knows and acknowledges that the Bad Guys are outpacing the Good Guys in the fight for cybersecurity.

Fortunately, there are tools that minimize your own risk to secure your future.


Frequently Asked Questions

That’s an impossible promise to make. We guarantee that you’ll be as secure as is reasonable for any business in today’s environment. You will understand your risk level and have plans in place for all possible outcomes.

We recommend it to everyone and we cannot do otherwise. The Bad Guys increase their attacks every day. The only people that don’t need this are a subset of companies that need more. If you believe that you are targeted – specifically – by a country, a competitor, or an extremist organization call us today, and we will connect you with the people you need.

  1. Is isn’t commonplace in the industry to do so, so you can’t compare apples to apples if we did.
  2. Some businesses aren’t able to afford this level of security today; they need time to be able to step up to it.
  3. Some entrepreneurs have a very high risk tolerance and prefer to live with the risks.

This plan has the highest level of security that we offer. We would love to go into more detail with you in person. For the security of our clients we will not reveal our specific tools, techniques and procedures on the internet.

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