There is nothing more valuable in the world than time.

There is nothing more valuable that any of us have than time. 15 minutes can be a lot, it can also be life changing, for us and for others.

I also believe in generosity. I have the hardest time giving away my time. To people. Vendors, employees, my family. I only have 1,440 minutes per day. Yet, I’ve found few things that have a greater ROI for me in my personal life or business life than being generous with my time. I have the strongest, most trusted relationships where I was generous with my time, both at home and at work.

To that end I try to make at least 15 minutes for anyone who wants it, which includes a ton of salespeople. And you know what? It’s been great. I come across more industry changes in a week than I otherwise would in a month. At least a couple times a year I have a 15 minute conversation that changes our business for the better for forever.

I believe in this so strongly that this line is in my email signature:

Vendors: Looking for a 15 minute phone call with me? Click here.

Any vendor can get 15 minutes on my calendar whenever they want (you can try it out if you want!).

Where can you give away 15 minutes this week? Who would benefit the most from your generosity of time?