I get these emails with some regularity. I’ve kept my same email address for about ten years now and so there are a lot of chances for my records to be exposed.

In this latest breach, over 22 million records were exposed. And unlike most breaches, it was more than emails and addresses. This included mobile phone numbers, CRM entries, records of real world interactions, summaries of legal briefs, and more.

In fact, at this point my email address and password have been exposed multiple times online. Yours have, too, you just don’t know it yet.

This is a huge part of why we agitate for:

  • Using multifactor authentication
  • Disallowing password re-use

Even though my data is out there, yet again, the combination of using multi-factor authentication and different passwords for different sites nearly guarantees that I won’t suffer a personal breach. In fact, both Microsoft and Google have reported that turning on multifactor authentication stops 99% of all breach attempts.

Next time we tell you that multifactor authentication needs to be turned on, you know why!

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