With all the recent breaches in cybersecurity, you need to be taking steps to protect yourself. One of these is changing your passwords on a regular basis. This blog post will teach you how and why it’s important!

This is especially true for CEOs and Founders, who typically get administrative access to a core application and that access is never taken away, even after they no longer require that access.

People often don’t change their passwords because they think it’s too inconvenient. However, in most cases the inconvenience is not worth putting yourself at risk for identity theft and fraud. Changing your password makes you less vulnerable to hackers who may have been able to uncover personal information that would allow them access to more of your account than just a simple login.

Most people and virtually all companies have passwords that are already for sale on the Dark Web. If your passwords are never changed then those passwords that are for sale can still be used against use.

The Best Way to Remember to Change Your Password? Don’t.

Your cybersecurity provider can set policies that require you to change your password every so often. If you have multi-factor authentication on then every 6 or 12 months is typically appropriate. If you do not have multi-factor authentication, then every 90 or 180 days is good.

Don’t make it easy for the bad guys — change your passwords!

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