Many entrepreneurs overwork themselves in order to meet their standards and succeed. They read books by other entrepreneurs who say the key to success is working 48 hours daily. Or maybe the key is writing books that say working 48 hours daily is the key to success. As an entrepreneur, you’ll find yourself doing more work than what is strictly necessary. Unfortunately, this involves busy work daily, which will put any entrepreneur on the fast track to burnout and reduced profits when your attention moves away from your core business.

Business Automation Tool Work Smarter, Not Harder

Business Automation Tool You Will Need

If you feel like your days are bogged down with busywork, you should look into business automation tools. These will help get your business back on a profitable track while also alleviating stress. 

Microsoft’s Power Automate (FKA flow) is one of the most popular automation tools as it requires minimal coding knowledge and no infrastructure installation. It allows you to create workflows with pre-built templates and then customize them according to your business needs. This platform is designed to automate manual processes, such as copying data from one system or location to another and syncing multiple systems together. 

ConnectBooster connects to Quickbooks (online or desktop) and allows you to set up automatic billing for your clients.

Even most VOIP phone systems can have automation built-in, for instance, to kick off a message in Microsoft Teams or Slack if someone leaves a message in your sales or support voicemail boxes.

This year, see how much time you can free up using tech and automation!

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