Essential Cloud Security JM Addington

For most companies, the majority of data is now in the cloud. This makes cloud security essential for every organization that uses cloud computing.

  • Cloud security is a set of policies, controls, procedures, and technologies that work together to protect data, applications, and infrastructure from cyber-attacks.
  • Cloud security helps organizations protect their data and systems from unauthorized access, malicious software, data breaches, and other threats.

It also helps organizations meet compliance requirements.

  • DATA PRIVACY – Industry mandates, insurance mandates, and governmental regulations.
  • GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS – Especially around documentation for audits.

Organizations must monitor their cloud environment regularly.

  • This means monitoring by regularly checking logs, reviewing system files, and analyzing user activity and other relevant aspects of their network environment.

Alerting and automatic remediation are a must in 2023.

  • You can’t trust that your cybersecurity partner will watch all of the alerts in real-time. You must have tools in place that continually watch for security events, actively alert your security team (emails, texts, phone calls) and automatically remediate or mitigate attacks.

Reality Check

Almost no one does this today, and that is why small intrusions turn into real problems.

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