Why Use Us For Cloud Alerting Because I Wrote The Business Plan JM Addington

A couple of years ago a Cloud Security Service asked us to trial their product. It was a good product but it lacked automatic remediation (kick the bad guys out automatically.) I emailed their CTO and he explained their reasoning – it was thoughtful but not what I thought the market needed.

So I personally wrote up a business plan and sent it over. Very quickly, I was on a Zoom call with the CEO, their CTO, and a couple of others to review the plan I created for them. Today, their automatic remediation module is based on that plan. Lots of cybersecurity providers have access to the module – but only one of them helped plan it.


We were able to take a comprehensive approach to the problem, utilizing our expertise in security protocols, risk assessment, and automation. We developed a Cloud Alerting plan that took into account all of these elements and provided a comprehensive solution that was quickly implemented and is now being used by our clients.

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